a virtual instrument project by Lucie Treacher

Sounds that tell stories.

Folklorica is a meeting of technology and mythology: a project which uses tales, taboos, superstitions and proverbs as starting points in creating colourful and conceptual virtual instruments for Kontakt.  These instruments have been created by Scottish composer Lucie Treacher by fusing together field recordings and samples of rare acoustic instruments with electronics. Each of our instruments look as cool as they sound: our playful interfaces have been illustrated by the artist Margaux Carpentier and are fun and instinctive to use. 

50% of the profit from the sales of 'Extinct' go to an environmental charity which we change each month. This month we are supporting 
The Borneo Nature Foundation, a not-for-profit wildlife and biodiversity conservation and research organisation that protects and safeguards tropical rainforests and the environment in Borneo.

As used on the soundtrack to Monument Valley 2 by Todd Baker

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virtual instruments

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