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Extinct is a collection of unique instruments which reimagine long lost animals. These curious characters such as the Sea Cow and Siberian Unicorn are brought to life through sound as warbling, bubbling pads, breathy evolutions and twinkling, plucked sounds.


Extinct includes 6 different patches representing 6 different animals, each with its own distinct character and charm. These patches are made up of a combination of two or more sounds, which you can adjust to create your own sonic blends. These 6 patches are:


  • Babakotia - Mandolin + Tongue Drum
  • Bibymalagsy - Tenor Sax + Sine wave
  • Irish Elk - Viola + Synth
  • Passenger Pigeon - Toy Piano + Typewriter
  • Sea Cow - Accordion + Saw + Bubbles!
  • Siberian Unicorn - Bartok pizz + Synth + Voice


The samples are trimmed right to very start of a sound/articulation (e.g. the initial blowing of air, the very first motion of the bow) and not the start of the 'note', as they feel more human that way. This means they may not feel as instantaneous or symmetrical, but each note is more organic and individual in its performance - as it would be in real life!


What's more, each interface includes a description of the animal and some information about what scientists think it might have been like.


50% of the profits made from each sale of Extinct will go to the Coral Reef Alliance helping to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide.


Learn about how the patches work in the video in the panel above or scroll down to hear the distinctive sounds of Extinct in the demos. You can also watch a whistle-stop tour of the instrument on YouTube here.


Mandolin, Tongue Drum, Toy Piano, Typewriter, Accordion, Saw and Voice performed by Lucie Treacher

Bartok Pizz performed by Alex Williams

Viola performed by Danyal Dhondy

Tenor sax performed by Sam Jones

  • Tech Spec


    Please check you have the right version before purchasing.

    Download size 493.8 MB

    Uncompressed 907.8 MB

    6 Patches in total

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hear the sounds in action

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