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Sloth from Beauty and the Seven Beasts


Spring 2022

Music by Lucie Treacher 

Performed by Henry Waddington

Premiered at Brixton Jamm April 2022

Produced by The Opera Story

“In just seven dates, we can guarantee you will find your true love’s destiny... Seven dates, seven sins. Each written by a different team of composers and librettists, in a multimedia format."

Review by Seen and Heard International : "The music for ‘Sloth’ is a brilliant realisation of the animal (composer Lucie Treacher doing the honours here) while Henry Waddington makes the most of the long – ever so long – vocal melismas.... Rarely have I seen a production as inspiring as this. In a tiny performance space (audience probably around 30-40 max), via the wizardry of electronics and with clear reference to the way we communicate and have communicated via screens mid- and post-pandemic, we are reminded of eternal myths and truths. Amazing." 

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