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To the Lighthouse


Spring 2022

Music by Lucie Treacher 

Text adapted from Viginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse

Directed by John Savournin

Set design by Janis Hart

Performed by Monica McGhee, Margo Arsane, Shengzhi Ren, Dan Shelvey and Mark Sandon

Commissioned by Scottish Opera for their Opera Highlights Tour across Scotland

"To the Lighthouse weaves together scenes from the 1927 novel by Virginia Woolf. Mr and Mrs Ramsay holiday every year at their summer house in Skye, surrounded by family and friends. These stays are teeming with noise, complications, bruised emotions, joys and quiet tragedies of everyday family life. As time passes, so it brings war and death. The music takes three different memories from these holidays: the family at home dreaming and arguing, loss, and sailing out to the local lighthouse after Mrs Ramsay’s death. Lucie is a huge fan of Virginia Woolf’s work and always wanted to set her vivid poetic language to music."

The Opera toured to 18 locations with Scottish Opera across Scotland - including Glasgow, Wick, Barra, Harris and Troon! 

Please get in touch if you'd like to have a copy of the score.​

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