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Summer 2019

Music and Images by Lucie Treacher

with contributions by Joaquim Badia and Catalin Filip

Supported by Creative Scotland 

Screened at Eden Court Inverness and 504 Arch London

Cryosphere is an epic musical and visual journey into the Inchindown oil tunnels in the Highlands of Scotland, which hold the world record for the longest echo in the world.

This extended music video weaves stunning archive footage of the North Sea oil rigs with evocative original music composed for the space. Making music at Inchindown is like painting with sound: creating giant sonic gestures in the space, which build up and bleed into each other and lose their meaning as they become blurred. This corrosion of sound in the space becomes deeply symbolic, questioning the human and environmental sacrifices made in the search for oil.

"Love the music, savour the cinematics, soak in the nostalgia. Better still, just let all of that wash over you in one big sensorial fix" The Scotsman

Get in touch with Lucie if you'd be interested in hosting a screening.

Read the full Scotsman review

Listen to the album on Spotify

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